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Retirees are losing their faith in Social Security

[ad_1] Social Security serves as a key source of income for millions of seniors today. But new data tells us that retirees are growing less confident in the program. Only 45% of retired workers think Social Security will continue to provide the same benefits it does today going forward, according …

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Why you need to budget weekly (not monthly)

[ad_1] Sometimes it can feel like you’ve got a lot of balls in the air, money-wise. In the midst of all this juggling, how long can you keep your eye on your budget? About a week, says behavioral economist Dan Ariely. Even though many popular budgeting programs are set up …

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Why you should split your retirement contributions

[ad_1] I split my 401(k) contributions 50/50 between a standard and a Roth. The thought process is that it allows me to take money out tax-free during big spending years in retirement and the opposite during normal years. Is this the correct thought process and a good idea? Planning for …

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How to plan for taxes in retirement

[ad_1] How can I best plan for a tax efficient retirement? For many retirees, even those who have meticulously planned their retirement income, the amount of taxes they are expected to pay may come as an unwelcome surprise. It’s understandable. This is a new form of income that they may …

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