Lewis Capaldihas been diagnosed with Tourette syndrome



Singer Lewis Capaldi has revealed that he has been diagnosed with Tourette syndrome, a a neurological disorder that causes involuntary movements and sounds.

Capaldi shared the news during an Instagram Live, explaining that the condition is something he deals with “all the time.”

“The worst thing about it is when I’m excited I get it, when I’m stressed I get it, when I’m happy I get it. It happens all the time,” he said. “Some days it’s more painful than others and some days it’s less painful. It looks a lot worse than it is. Sometimes it’s quite uncomfortable … but it comes and goes.”

He said that after noticing he was twitching in an interview from 2018, his diagnosis “makes so much sense.”

“I do the shoulder twitch quite a lot. And you see underneath every TikTok and stuff, people are like, ‘Why is he twitching?’, which is fine. Curiosity is fine. I get it,” Capaldi said.

He continued: “It’s a new thing, I haven’t really learned much about it — I’m learning. I’ve got Botox on my shoulder to stop it moving. It worked for a bit.”

Earlier this year, Billie Eilish revealed she also has Tourette’s, telling David Letterman that the condition can be “exhausting”.

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