The 5 best mouse pads of 2022


A mouse pad is a computer accessory that may feel like an afterthought, but it can make an impactful difference in your workspace. Mouse pads provide a consistent surface for smooth movement and sensor accuracy while protecting your desk and peripherals against wear and tear. 

Soft-woven mouse pads are popular due to their affordable price and variety of sizes. Hard-topped versions are also an excellent option if durability is your priority. We’ve analyzed the best mouse pads on the market to help you find the best fit for your budget and workspace.

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  • 100% recycled polyester surface layer
  • Spill-resistant
  • Affordable

  • Not thick
  • Limited color choices

Specs: Size: 9.1 x 7.9 inches | Surface material: Recycled woven polyester | Thickness: 2mm | Base: Non-slip rubber 

This sleek, stylish mouse pad from Logitech not only improves your mouse’s efficiency– it’s also eco-friendly. The woven cloth surface is made of 100% recycled polyester produced from PET bottles, removing potential plastic waste from the environment. 

Durable stitching around the perimeter creates a finished look and prevents the pad’s inner layers from separating. On the base, non-slip rubber keeps the pad in place by gripping the surface below. The mouse pad is also spill-resistant for easy cleaning, so you won’t have to worry about water or coffee ruining your new mouse pad.


  • Professional design
  • Large size fits peripherals

Specs: Size: 37 x 16 inches | Surface material: Woven cloth | Thickness: 3mm | Base: Non-slip rubber foam

While Razer is known for gaming accessories, the brand’s Pro Glide XXL mouse pad is designed for professional workspaces. It’s 37 inches long and 16 inches wide, so there’s room to fit your mouse, keyboard and other peripherals as well. 

The micro-weave cloth surface is designed to suit optical and laser mouse sensors, ensuring smooth movement without sacrificing accuracy. The non-slip rubber foam base keeps everything in place, and the minimalist design can blend into any office. If you want to know more about this excellent mouse pad, read our review of the Razer Pro Glide XXL.


  • Great for travel
  • Fits on small desks

  • Not spill-resistant
  • Edges not stitched

Specs: Size: 9.8 x 8.3 inches | Surface material: Micro woven cloth | Thickness: 2mm | Base: Non-slip rubber

This mouse pad from SteelSeries is perfect for smaller desks. It measures approximately 10 x 8 inches, so you can tuck it in the corner of your desk without sacrificing space for other equipment. 

The top surface is made of a micro woven cloth that ensures smooth mouse movement and sensor accuracy, while the non-slip rubber base holds your mouse and pad in place. If you’re a mobile professional, the small size makes it easy to slip into a laptop bag when you’re working on-the-go.


  • Bigger than other ergonomic mouse pads
  • Memory foam

  • Edges not stitched
  • Mouse slides off slope when unattended

Specs: Size: 13.9 x 8.1 inches | Surface material: Woven Lycra | Thickness: 1 inch | Base: Non-slip Polyurethane 

This mouse pad is designed for comfort during long days at the office. Memory foam material cushions and elevates your wrist to reduce muscle strain. The wedge shape offers more surface area than other ergonomic mouse pads, so you won’t run out of space to work or navigate windows. 

The bottom surface is a non-slip polyurethane pad that keeps the pad in place, while the top material is soft-woven Lycra that offers smoother mouse movement and better sensor accuracy.


  • Aluminum surface
  • Sleek design
  • Leather back dual surface

  • Not ideal for old Magic Mouse models
  • Textured surface may produce noise

Specs: Size: 9 x 7 inches | Surface material: Aluminum | Thickness: 2mm | Base: PU leather 

Mac users may struggle to find a mouse pad that fits their desk setup and works well with their Magic Mouse. The Honkid aluminum mouse pad looks like it was created specifically for Mac users. The sleek design features a brushed silver aluminum surface with CNC polished edges and faux leather backing. It’s also available in rose gold and gray, so your mouse pad can match your Mac in any color palette.

The faux leather backing doubles as a secondary surface for when you need a change of decor (or just want a different surface for your mouse). The mouse pad measures just 9 x 7 inches, so it’s small enough to slip into your laptop bag for a daily commute or during long-distance travel.

The Logitech Studio series is the best mouse pad due to its size, surface material, base, and price.

Mouse Pad


Surface Material

Size (inches)

Logitech Studio Series


Recycled woven polyester

9.1 x 7.9 

Razer Pro Glide XXL


Woven cloth

37 x 16

SteelSeries QCK Mini


Micro woven cloth

9.8 x 8.3



Woven Lycra

13.9 x 8.1 

Honkid aluminum mouse pad



9 x 7

Measure your desk to decide on a mouse pad size before you buy one. Small mouse pads are ideal for traveling professionals and people who work with limited desk space. An extra-large or extended-length mouse pad is an excellent option for larger desks and can even keep keyboards in place, too. 

Choose this mouse pad…

If you want…

Logitech Studio Series

The best overall option

Razer Pro Glide XXL

A mouse pad for a large desk

SteelSeries QCK Mini

A mouse pad for a smaller desk

Soundance ergonomic mouse pad

An ergonomic mouse pad 

Honkid aluminum mouse pad

A mouse pad that matches Apple products

We assessed a variety of mouse pads based on price, material, and compatibility. We included an eco-friendly option for customers who want to keep their work space green and an ergonomic mouse pad for those struggling with muscle strain after long hours at the computer. From soft-woven to sleek metal, our list of mouse pads includes an option for everyone.

Clean up spills and splashes immediately in order to prevent staining, and use an affordable lint roller to clean up crumbs and dust. This will prevent your mouse pad from becoming sticky and attracting dirt that can ruin mouse sensors. If your mouse pad is really dirty, hand wash it in warm soapy water. But make sure you leave it to air dry instead of throwing it in the dryer.

Soft-woven cloth is a popular material for mouse pads. Not only are they cheaper to produce, but they also tend to last longer than their hard-topped counterparts, which can crack and warp over time. 

Metal mouse pads are great if you’re looking for an easy-to-clean mousepad that will last for years. However, metal mouse pads can be more expensive and, depending on their size, may be inconvenient for travel.

First, measure the desk space where you want to place the mouse pad. Decide exactly how large you want your mouse pad to be.

You should also consider the surface material. Hard-topped mouse pads use plastic or metal, which are easy to clean but may not work well with all mouse sensors. Soft-woven mouse pads work well with most mice, but they can be difficult to clean.

There are many options on the mouse pad market if you’re looking to improve your workspace. Here’s a short list of mouse pads that receive honorable mention:

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