The best robot vacuum deals right now: September 2022


If you’re like me and spend most of your work week at home, then you’re probably well aware of how dusty floors can get. Worse yet, no matter how much you sweep, mop, or clean, it only takes a matter of minutes before your dust senses start tingling again. That’s not even counting all the pet hair if you have a furry friend (or three).

Robot vacuums are here to save you the stress of constantly cleaning during your day. While they can be pricey, you shouldn’t pay full price for one. Right now, you can purchase a high-quality robot vacuum from reputable brands like eufy and Sharl, and you can even save upwards of $200. Or pick up an eufy RoboVac G30for less than $200. Check more robot vacuum deals below.

  • Current Price: $279
  • Original Price: $599

With a signature D-shape, the Neato vacuum not only cleans your floors, but also thoroughly sucks up any dirt from your room’s corners. It runs for up to 100 minutes on a single charge and can handle up to 750 square feet of space. You can schedule cleanings and even no-go zones, but it also senses drops — like stairs — and can map out your own home with each use.

Bed Bath & Beyond members can use their membership to get it for as low as $223. This is the lowest price we’ve seen on this model.

  • Current Price: $199
  • Original Price: $318

Designed with Smart Dynamic Navication 2.0, this vacuum uses 2000Pa of suction to remove hair, dirt, and more from your floors. It automatically increases the suction in under two seconds when it senses it needs more power, too. Expect up to 100 minutes of runtime and a low 56dB noise level when it’s on so you can still take your meetings.

  • Current Price: $406
  • Original Price: $599

With a 45-day, bagless design, this Shark AV1010AE has built-in Wi-Fi and is compatible with Alexa. It comes with improved carpet and multi-surface cleaning, faster mapping, and has dual spinning side brushes to make sure every speck of dirt gets sucked up. It’s also an ideal model for pet owners.

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  • Current Price: $359
  • Original Price: $599

Though heavier than traditional robot vacuums, the AutoVac Nova boosts 2,700Pa of suction power and comes with a modular cleaning system. Basically, it can clean the dust and debris off your floors and use its Power Mop feature to wipe it all down right after.

The lowest we’ve seen is $189.

  • Current Price: $389
  • Original Price: $499

One of Amazon’s best sellers, the Shark AV911S EZ is a reliable robot vacuum that can do row-by-row cleaning, is compatible with hard floors and carpets, works with Google Assistant and Alexa voice controls, and more. The Shark boasts a self-empty base, which it returns to after every deep clean. 

The lowest price we’ve seen is $349.

There are a ton of robot vacuums on the market. Whether you’re a new homeowner or just seeking a handy assistant for cleaning needs, here’s what you should ask yourself before buying:

  • What type of flooring does your home have? Are there carpets? Wood? Ceramic? Certain robot vacuums come with bristles and brushes that cater to specific floor types, and some can even mop your hard surfaces. When shopping for a new robot, be on the lookout for keywords like “Combo Brush” and “No Hair Wrap,” which suggest various floor-cleaning capabilities.
  • Do you own any pets? Pet hair can be a nuisance to clean, but thankfully, robot vacuums can brush it up as easily as it does dust and debris. Just look for “Pet hair-friendly” within the item descriptions.
  • Are you too busy to clean the vacuum? Robot vacuums are meant to save you a chore or two every week but if you’re really busy and simply don’t have the time to dump them out every cycle, look for “Self-emptying” vacuums. While these models cost more than the standard, self-emptying robots come with a disposable dustbin that it returns to after every cleaning.

It is not mandatory to have a smartphone to use your vacuum. iRobot, Ecovacs, eufy, and more come with physical toggles that prompt the robot vacuums to power on, clean, and stop. 

However, most robot vacuums nowadays come with companion apps that allow you to dictate cleaning schedules, designate no-go zones, map spaces, and more. They’re typically free to download, available on iOS and Android, and provide you with added flexibility and control over your robot vacuum.

This depends on how much dust and debris is collected from your floor. Based on the numerous robot vacuums that we’ve tested, the average time frame before needing to clean out the dustbin is about 3 to 4 days. As an alternative, you can purchase a “self-emptying” robot vacuum, which comes with its own auto-empty station.

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