Watch Exclusive ‘Confess, Fletch’ Clip: “Horan’s Collection”

Confess, Fletch Jon Hamm

Opening on Vudu and in limited theatrical release, the lively comedy Confess, Fletch stars Jon Hamm as an irreverent, irrepressible and totally charming detective, known simply as Fletch. As he’s busy investigating a case of stolen paintings, he is somehow implicated in a murder. It’s up to Fletch to prove his own innocence, while simultaneously continuing his investigation into a rogues gallery of slippery suspects.

In our exclusive clip, Fletch (Jon Hamm) sits across from Mr. Horan (Kyle MacLachlin) at an impressive desk as he signs a contract. The quick-witted Fletch cannot resist admiring and laying his hands on Mr. Horan’s collection of paintings and objects, especially a model boat. Fletch’s light touch on the latter especially draws Mr. Horan’s quiet ire.

Watch the amusing video below, then get tickets to see Confess, Fletch with your friends. The knockabout comedy opens on Vudu and in limited theatrical release Friday, September 16.

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