Watch Exclusive ‘Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul.’ Clip: “Sister Denetta”


Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul.

Once, they served a megachurch, Now, in Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul., Trinitie (Regina Hall) and her husband Lee-Curtis (Sterling K. Brown) seek what they call “the ultimate comeback” as they work to overcome a past scandal, dispel doubts about their future, and rebuild their loyal following.

Trinitie meets a congregant from the church’s past in our exclusive clip, which captures the moment when she encounters the woman in a shopping mall. They proceed to have a hilariously uneasy exchange, as Trinitie endeavors to be gracious, even as Sister Denetta reminds her of things she would rather not talk about in front of the camera that is documenting the conversation.

Watch the cheerfully amusing clip below, then get tickets to see Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul. with your family and friends. The sly and funny comedy opens today in movie theaters everywhere.

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